How to stop your PC/Laptop from ransom ware attacks

The havoc that WannaCry, Petya ransom ware created was an Eye Opener. It revealed the weakness in Windows Operating System. The ransom ware attack led to huge damages in the Corporate World.

So it is important for us to know of how to protect ourselves from such ransom ware attacks. Below are the list of tips mentioned which can help protect our computers from getting affected by such attacks.

  • It is very important for an organization to have a stringent and centralized IT monitoring system which keeps and up to date check on the Company’s networks and systems.
  • Keep your system updated. It was seen that people who had their system updated did not face much of a hassle from WannaCry ransom ware.
  • Do not respond to any malicious email. It is one of an easy way by which hackers tries to attack your system.
  • Be cautious while using Public Wi-Fi as while using a public Wi-Fi your system is exposed and you are viewed by everyone else using that network
  • Back up all your information to a secure offsite location.
  • Segment your network. Do not put all your files in one drive which is accessible to everyone.
  • Develop a communication with your employees to inform them if any virus attack is launched against the company.


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